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A family who just moved to Atlanta were robbed at gun point for a television that the thieves later returned and apologized for taking.

According to the family, they arrived at their new home at about 6 a.m., and noticed a group of men hanging outside their apartment. Against other family members’ wishes, the grandmother asked the men to help unload furniture, which is when things went downhill.

While unloading the furniture, one of the men walked off with the family’s 26-inch LCD television.  This started an altercation between the movers and the family ending with the father being shot in the leg and the mother being punched in the face, and the grandmother being grazed by a bullet.

The men took off and the family called authorities, but before officers arrived, the couple says one of the perpetrators returned with their TV and apologized to the family. The man even tried to hug the grandmother.

The family said they had been in a rush to unload the furniture in an effort to avoid paying another day to rent the U-Haul.  They have decided not to move into the complex after all and are staying with relatives.