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A woman in Kansas City, Missouri was arrested after driving 400 miles to kill a man in Iowa over derogatory comments he allegedly posted about her online.

According to published reports, Breana Greathouse drove several hundred miles from Kansas City, Missouri to Ottumwa, Iowa, to shoot Forrest Jamison whom she had been “dating” online over the course of a few years.

Police reports state that Greathouse became enraged after Jamison reportedly told her he “didn’t want anything to with her” and ended the cyber affair, before he began posting negative things about her online.

Police in Ottumwa, Iowa, said they arrested Greathouse after the responded to a call that she had threatened to kill Jamison.

When police arrived, they found Greathouse standing  outside the man’s house holding a loaded .38-caliber handgun behind her back.

According to court documents, Greathouse parked about half a block away and walked to the man’s house.

“She called the victim and told him she was outside the residence and also that she was going to kill him,” an affidavit filed in Wapello County District Court states.

Prosecutors have charged Greathouse with a felony and two misdemeanors, but the story doesn’t stop there.

According to reports, police then arrested Greathouse’s mother for allegedly making terroristic threats against Jamison for the incident.

According to court documents, the elder Ms. Greathouse allegedly told Jamison, “I’m not your friend. I’m just calling to make sure you’re home.”

Because of the earlier incident, the man “took this as a threat to his safety,” and filed to support the misdemeanor charge of harassment filed against 50-year-old Susan Greathouse.

Both women posted bond and were released from custody.

SMH, it’s getting real out there in cyber space…guard your keyboards and your screen, because the keystrokes are  killing people.