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A Phoenix, Arizona woman had an eye-closing experience over the weekend after mistakenly putting Super Glue in her eyes.

Irmgard Holm, who recently had cataract surgery, went to reach for her bottle of eye drops and grabbed the extreme adhesive instead.

After the intense burning sensation made her aware of her misdeed, she swiftly tried to wash the substance out but the glue quickly hardened. Paramedics had to cut off the glue and Holm avoided any major ocular damage.

The woman claims it was an honest mistake saying,

“The bottles look identical. You know, I’m not young anymore but I’m not senile.”

She now says that eye drop makers should do something do differentiate their bottles,

“You can go, infection, blindness [and] removal of the eye on something like this. Please help.”

As odd as it sounds, this strange accident does not set a precedent.

There are recorded “Super Glue ocular injuries” dating back to 1982.