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In a recent interview with veteran Hip-Hop artist Shyne, the man who has been away for many years sounded more jovial than ever, and made it clear he was determined to get back to work.

When asked about the two future projects that are said to be released later this year, Shyne cleared up speculation about the talk that surrounds Def Jam and L.A. Reid, and spoke on his future partnership with Birdman and Cash Money Records.

“Baby (Birdman), that’s my partner, that’s my brother, so we are going to do something together with Cash Money.  We going to start to see some movement on that real soon.  I’m in Israel right now, so I’m just performing and got some videos coming out.  So you know, we are going to see some movement real soon, and probably in the springtime around March or April you’ll see some movement with this Cash Money project. “

Shyne continued to speak about his other project that may be releasing on Def Jam, and confirmed that L.A. Reid had indeed been fired.

He calls working with the label executive “a nightmare.”

“Def Jam, well I don’t know about Def Jam it’s a big question mark. You know L.A. Reid don’t believe in Hip-Hop, and he’s not committed to Hip-Hop. They got rid of him, so I don’t know who’s coming in, but dealing with him was a nightmare. Not that he’s a bad guy, but to have someone who doesn’t understand the biggest genre in music, how can you not respect our culture? So it all really depends who they put in his place to see whether or not I continue my relationship with Def Jam. “

Hip-Hop Wired also asked Shyne about his progress in trying to come back home to the States.

“We gotta come back, that’s one thing that no matter how good my life is going, I need to get back to New York. I wanted to cry when I heard that Alicia Keys and Jay track, being from New York. So, we fighting, and at the end of the day, the man upstairs always throws me a bone so I don’t think it’s going to be any different. We gonna make our way.”