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A Florida teen has been charged with attempted manslaughter after police say he shot his 12-year old neighbor with one of the cache of guns he kept hidden under his bed.

According to police, 17-year-old Jose Toress shot and critically wounded Anthony Alejandre at Torres’ home while the two were playing with the arsenal of illegal weapons that Toress kept under his bed.

His artillery included a fully automatic TEC-9, a rifle, three handguns, swords and knives.

According to police, Torres changed his account of the events that led up to the shooting three times, with his most recent tale being, “They each grab a gun.”

He said, the victim took the small revolver, he took the 9mm Ruger, which he knew was loaded. He then pointed it at his friend and pulled the trigger,” said a detective close to the case.

Authorities are currently trying to determine where all the illegally purchased firearms came from and how much the suspect’s family knew about their whereabouts.

Alejandre remains in critical condition at the hospital. The bullet pierced his neck and severed his spinal cord. Doctors are saying he may never be able to walk again.