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CLOSE will bring you all the weekly NFL scores and Power Rankings every Tuesday, to keep you up to date with your favorite team and the rest of the league.

Check out the scores from Week 6 below, followed by the new Week 7 Power Rankings.

Week Six Scores

Jets 24 Broncos 20

Raiders 9 49ers 17

Cowboys 21 Vikings 24

Colts 27 Washington Football Team 24

Browns 10 Steelers 28

Saints 31 Bucs 6

Chiefs 31 Texans 35

Ravens 20 Patriots 23 (OT)

Dolphins 23 Packers 20 (OT)

Falcons 17 Eagles 31

Chargers 17 Rams 20

Lions 20 Giants 28

Seahawks 23 Bears 20

Week 7 Power Rankings

  • 1. Jets (5-1)

    With the Jets being balanced on both offense and defense, Sanchez is showing more improvement as the season moves ahead, while LT surprises everyone with one of the best season starts he’s ever had. 

  • 2. Steelers (4-1)

    Now that Ben Roethlisberger is back, the Steelers are much more dangerous. They still have the Saints, Patriots, and a trip to Baltimore on the schedule but can easily be a contender as long as the the corners tighten up.

  • 3. Patriots (4-1)

    After a tough win against a tough defense, it seems that Branch’s return has sparked the New England offense like it was in the superbowl era.  With a speedy offense and a defense causing turnovers, watch out!

  • 4. Ravens (4-2)

    Although they couldn’t pull out a win against the Patriots, Ed Reed is coming back and will lift the team a tremendous amount.  With a tough schedule coming up we’ll see what Baltimore is made of.

  • 5. Colts (4-2)

    After winning on the road, the Colts go into their bye with two straight wins.  Although the Colts still have a question mark of exactly how good, it’s obvious that they ARE good.

  • 6. Saints (4-2) |

    Although it was against a bad Tampa Bay team, the Saint are starting to play like a superbowl team.  Hopefully we will see Thomas back soon and get a possible Superbowl preview with the Steelers coming to town on Halloween night. 

  • 7. Titans (4-2)

    An impressive win over Jacksonville Monday — much of it accomplished with starting quarterback Vince Young on the sideline — keeps Tennessee in the mix in the AFC South.

  • 8. Eagles (4-2)

    Michael Vick? Kevin Kolb? Does it matter? The Eagles enjoyed their first quality win of the season with Kolb under center, but they paid a big price for the win when DeSean Jackson had to be removed from the game with a severe concussion. 

  • 9. Giants (4-2)

    The G-Men took care of business in Week 6, and after fracturing Detroit quarterback Shaun Hill’s arm, the Giants defense has put fear into the hearts of quarterbacks around the league.

  • 10. Falcons (4-2)

    The Falcons are a little shaky right now, with a secondary that was suppose to be improved, we will see when teams like the Bengals come through, to see if the corners can hang. 

  • 11. Texans (4-2)

    Big win for Houston Sunday against Kansas City … one they needed badly. Now it’s a matter of getting that momentum to carry through their bye this week, so they don’t fall behind in a very good division.

  • 12. Bears (4-2)

    With the Vikings looking only to improve, a loss against the Seahawks have hurt the Bears, and Jay Cutler is in serious need of some help from his offensive line.

  • 13. Dolphins (3-2)

    Big win at Green Bay in Week 6, but the Dolphins are low in the division records already losing to two in house teams.  

  • 14. Washington Football Team (3-3) |

    Losing only 3 points to the Colts is nothing to be too down about.  It finally feels like the Washington Football Team are coming together as a team, but can still use some desperate help in the backfield. 

  • 15. Chiefs (3-2) |

    With heartbreaking loses against the Colts and Texans, is it safe to say that the Cheifs despite losing are looking serious right now? 

  • 16. Buccaneers (3-2)

    Dont give up on the Bucs yet!  Yes, they did get destroyed by the defending superbowl champs, but the connection between Freeman and Williams does make them a force to be recognized.

  • 17. Cardinals (3-2) |

    Cardinals fans were given a glimpse of the Max Hall era in Week 5, and the rookie QB has had two weeks of practice to develop chemistry with Larry Fitzgerald.

  • 18. Seahawks (3-2)

    The Seahawks may be surprising on offense, but even a bigger surprise would be on defense.  As the only team to not allow an over 20+ yard run, the Seahawks are jumping the rankings higher and higher each week.  

  • 19. Vikings (2-3)

    They showed signs of being a good team, but Brett is getting hit way too many times.  Look for injuries to start affecting this team as there is a huge question mark of key players.

  • 20. Jaguars (3-3)

    There might not be a more inconsistent team. Jacksonville figured out a way to beat the Colts and Broncos, but has been blown out by the Titans, Eagles, and Chargers.

  • 21. Packers (3-3)

    Due to key injuries the Packers could easily of been in the top 10, however until certain players recover..the Packs might have problems.

  • 22. Broncos (2-4)

    Tough loss to the Jets means that anything less than 3-0 in upcoming stretch (Oakland, at San Francisco, Kansas City) would just about end any playoff hopes.

  • 23. Bengals (2-3)

    The bye week gave the Bengals a chance to reassess things. Struggling at 2-3 and looking up at the Ravens and Steelers in the AFC North, it’s time for the Bengals’ stars to show up consistently.

  • 24. Chargers (2-4)

    It’s easy to write off a 2-4 start to San Diego’s usual early-season struggles. However, don’t they do this every year?

  • 25.Rams (3-3)

    One week the Rams are getting blown out by the Detroit Lions; the next, they shock the Chargers.  It was the best of times, “It was the worst of times.”

  • 26.Cowboys (1-4)

    As a team that always seems to lose it in the end, it seems that the 1-4 start may be the death of the Cowboys dream’s of playing at home in the Superbowl.

  • 27. Raiders (2-4)

    When a team puts up the whole roster for trade…that’s usually not the best of signs. 

  • 28. Lions (1-5)

    The Lions continue to inch toward respectability, and now they just need to get their young gunslinger, Matthew Stafford, healthy. The bye should help that.

  • 29. 49ers (1-5)

    Although their owner seems to be delirious making statements such as “We are going to win the division,” however, the rest of us know that isn’t going to happen. 

  • 30. Browns (1-5)

    Besides Hillis and Cribbs, it seems the Browns will need a lot more than just 2 players to ever compete in one of the best divisions in the NFL.

  • 31. Bills (0-5)

    Buffalo could end up 0-9 before going up against the Lions in which should be the battle of two of the worst teams. 

  • 32. Panthers (0-5)

    Unfortunately the best news all season for the Panthers was a bye week