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A woman in El Paso, Texas has been arrested after trying to rob a jewelry store disguised in a black trash bag.

According to NBC News 2, Noemi Duchene and Luis Del Castillo arrived at Estate and New Jewelry store, where a security camera captured footage of Duchene exiting a wheelchair covering her head and upper body with a large black trash bag before entering the jewelery store.

According to store owner Linda Bradley, that is when Duchene pulled out a kitchen knife and demanded “everything”.

“It was hard to take her seriously,” Bradley told NBC. “Here is this woman coming in demanding things, but can’t see anything around her.

Bradely decided to take advantage of the “comical” situation and drew a stun gun in response to the demand.

“We’re chasing each other around like keystone cops,” Bradely recalled. “I knew I could outrun her because she was obviously not very quick.”

A store customer eventually tackled Duchene and held her until police arrived.

Del Castillo was still waiting outside with the woman’s wheelchair and was also arrested.

Investigators say the duo lives in an apartment across the street from the jewelry store.