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College President Apologizes For Wale Lyrics

The president of the University of Mary Washington has issued a public apology after he received complaints of “extreme profanity” during their homecoming concert at which D.C rapper Wale performed.

President Rick Hurley says he received three complaints about explicit lyrics during Wale’s set of their homecoming concert, held at an outside venue. The complaints prompted Hurley to issue a statement to the local paper saying,

“I am sorry that a high-spirited weekend on campus ended on such a negative note for some of our closest neighbors who were offended by both the volume and the content of the music.”

Hurley says this will not be the end of open-air concerts at the school, and admits the lack of research about Wale’s music beforehand led to booking him at an outdoor venue,

“If there’s a crowd-friendly band like Train, maybe an outdoor concert would be appropriate,” says Hurley.

Students of UMW voted to have Wale perform for homecoming.

This is not the first time Wale has run afoul of higher authorities following one of his concerts. Officials for the city of Baltimore criticized Wale after they say he gave a performance laced with profanity and racial slurs during a family-friendly arts festival back in July. Officials at the Baltimore event say the rapper and his band were warned prior to their performance not to use profanity.