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Over the years, several individuals have somehow equated all of hip-hop to “thug music.”

Some commentators believe that hip-hop is limited to bling, expensive cars, lewd dancing, flamboyance, video vixens and profane music that simply add no value.

For a certain segment of this beautiful culture and music, this stereotypical notion is unequivocally true.

But, there are many positive hip-hop artists- though most are “underground”- who actually utilize their studio time to sow conscious and value-adding music to empower the global community.

All hip-hop music is not hardcore and “gangsta” in context.  Certain artists over the years have shown the “softer” side of hip-hop music that exhibits love and affection between couples or for a potential mate and that embodies very little or no profanity.

Check out Madamenoire’s list of hip-hop ballads that show the more caring and loving side of Hip-Hop that have moved many and remain in our hearts.