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It was evident from the post “Decision” jersey burnings that some people in Cleveland were hoping for LeBron James’ downfall.

Now one man has enlisted the services of a witch doctor’s curse to help insure that the King will have an unsuccessful reign in South Beach.

Yesterday, Rover, a Cleveland radio host – on “Rover’s Morning Glory” – commissioned a witch doctor to put a curse on the two-time MVP for skating from the Cavaliers during the offseason.

During Tuesday’s nationally syndicated show a witch doctor named Samhain, utilized blood (we don’t even want to know who’s), bones and James’ Heat jersey in the morbid ceremony.

He also challenged listeners to simultaneously channel their negative energy toward the city’s former golden boy.

“A broken leg, hand or other debilitating injury would be the best outcome,” Rover said. “At the very least a sordid sexual misconduct accusation against LeBron would be alright, I suppose.”

The city of Cleveland has been jokingly shrouded by a media titled “professional sports team curse” for decades and has not had a championship since the Browns won the NFL championship in 1964.

Apparently, Rover thinks spreading the unlucky love will ease the city’s built up tension, saying during the show,

“Now we’re going on the offensive to curse other. It may not help our teams win, but it will sure make us feel better.”

The Miami Heat opened their season last night with an 88-80 road loss to the Boston Celtics.

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