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A man in New York City is hoping that his story will help shed light on the problems that African Americans face when trying to do the simple task of hailing a cab.

According to published reports, 23-year-old Jerrell Horton was dragged more than a block after flagging down a cab to get to his home in Brooklyn, New York.

The college graduate told the press that after waiting for 45 minutes a cab driver pulled over to pick him up.

After asking the cabbie to take him to Brooklyn, the cab driver sped off while Horton  was getting in the car causing the door to close on his jacket.

Unable to escape, Horton was drug more than a block before loosening himself free. The man suffered minor injuries, but lost his wallet, glasses, keys and cell phone during the incident.

“I was getting in when he hit the gas and my jacket got caught in the door,” Horton told The Daily News. “I was screaming at him to stop, but he would not stop. I struggled and struggled until I finally pulled free.”

Horton, who works for a financial services company, states that although he suffered minor injuries, he did not call police because he was not seriously injured and was unable to get the license plate of the runaway cab.


“This is racial profiling and it’s sickening.” Horton continued. “It’s ridiculous trying to find a cab that will take you where you want to go if you’re a black man.”