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So So Def mogul Jermaine Dupri has decided to air out his grievances about the topsy turvy age limit in Hip-Hop.

In his vlog series Living The Life, Dupri decided to ask what age is acceptable for everyone to be accepted in Hip-Hop?

“I just need to know what age limit is cool for rappers to fit in every category,” Dupri said. “Because Bow Wow is young and sh**in on N***as and he gets disqualified for being young, then you have Jay Z who is doing the same at his age and he gets over looked too.”

Dupri also states that although he feels talent is talent regardless of the age, the constant shun of young rappers ultimately sends mixed signals to the up and coming artists.

“I really want to know because it seems like that ya’ll hate young rappers out there and that is what Hip-Hop is supposed to be about.”

J.D. had some very great points, but what do you think, is there an acceptable age limit in Hip-Hop?

Check out the video: