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Ruff Ryder Drag-On has some choice words for assailants that attempted to rob him.

In the video posted, Drag-On states that while on his way to the store, he was approached by some men who saw his chain and tried to rob him.

Although they didn’t obtain anything, Drag-On states that it was still a problem.

“I was on my way to the store to get a dutch when the vajayjay N***as tried to rob me,” Drag-On said. “They tried to run up and get my chain, until they saw the heater.”

Drag-On also states that although it was more than one who attempted to take him down, he held his own and rolls strong, even by himself.

“Ya’ll N***as tried to jump me,” Drag-On continued. “And ya’ll still didn’t get Shyte, I still got my chain and I know who you are, so when I see you it’s a wrap.”

Damn, that’s messed up, but every rapper ain’t Young Berg.

Check out the video: