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This must be the first time in history that one artist has continued to cause a stir in America in relation to music and he has yet to even drop an album. Drake is going through all the problems of an veteran and dude doesn’t even have a debut out.

Everything seems to be misconstrued with the Canadian rapper in relation to his label. Billboard predicted that Drake had his sights locked on signing with Universal Motown as he inked a deal with Aspire which was a company under the helm of his manager, Cortez Bryant. Distribution was set to be through Universal Republic and Young Money/Cash Money.

How dare someone think that something that seemed so simple would actually be the case as representatives of Motown have now made requests that all of his Billboard chart entries are given to Motown, in terms of credit, as opposed to Universal Republic.

“I went through Universal Republic because I don’t Fawk with Motown, at all,” Drake says in the latest issue of Fader magazine, further confirming his signing to Republic. He further expresses his dislike for Motown, specifically president Sylvia Rhone, on a track titled “Say What’s Real” off his “So Far Gone” mixtape, rapping:

“I’ve always been something that these labels can’t buy / especially if they trying to take a piece of my soul / and Sylvia be telling ‘Tez, ‘Da*n, Drake fly’ / and he just be like, ‘silly mo*herfu**er, I know.”

As a result, Drake is technically under the Republic brand, but Motown will be in charge of distribution and everything from here on will have the Motown tag stamped to Drake’s work.

The issue arose as sources at Universal stated that his deal was never finalized before Drake started proclaiming that he was with Universal and the move with Motown was last minute. The interesting back story is that the source also revealed to Billboard that the tense past between Drake and Motown stems from Drake being turned down by the label close to three years ago, but I guess now that he’s popular they want him back. Now ain’t that a bi*ch.

Word of advice Drake: You have to treat this game like you getting it in with the girls you talk about. Slow and steady homie and take your time because you already have things on lock. Keep moving too fast you end up out the game before you could even really get to business.