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Flavor Flav is moving past his reality show days and delving into business in an unconventional way, by starting his own line of fried chicken and vodka.

The Public Enemy rapper is set to release his “La Flav” vodka in early 2011 in various flavors including bubble gum and sweet tea.

He tells publication TheQuiteus in an interview,

“I want you all to keep on the lookout – it should be on the shelves by January – I’m launching a thing called ‘Le Flav Spirits’. I’m comin’ out with a cherry vodka, a berry vodka, an olive vodka, a sweet tea vodka, a bubblegum vodka and grape vodka. Also, I’m comin’ out with ‘Le Flav Cognac’ and ‘Chateaux Le Flav’ which’ll be some bubbly. Champagne, that’s right folks – Poppin’n’drinkin’!”

In addition to vodka, Flav will take on The Colonel at KFC with his FFC fried chicken.

According to the emcee, his Flav’s Fried Chicken will be fierce competition for its fast food counterpart.

I’m also launching FFC – ya’ll heard of KFC right? – well this is FFC, Flav’s Fried Chicken.The Colonel better watch his back, G! The Colonel might end up in my fryer!”

No word on when his fried chicken will be released.

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