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Solange Slams Sarah Palin And Republicans

Beyonce’s younger sister Solange is not one to hold her tongue and over the weekend the R&B songstress shared with the world exactly what was on her mind.

The singer and mother took to her Twitter page to air out Republican Sarah Palin, who’s been promoting her new book “America by Heart” and reality show.

In her book, the controversial ex-governor of Alaska wrote a passage on The Obamas, accusing them of being racist for attending Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s church who often spoke out against whites.

Obviously not pleased, Solange questioned Palin and the Republican party for hearing racist rants about the Obamas and not doing anything about it.

Solange’s tweets don’t come without controversy however; one of her followers admonished her for sharing her opinion on politics which she retweeted and then shook off saying,

“Don’t want me to talk about what I believe? Please…Exit door awaits you gladly… Done lost yo damn mind boy.”

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