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That’s right. We said sang! There is a difference. Singing is what Rhianna does. Sanging is how Jennifer Hudson, Mary J Blige and Fantasia get down.

More and more often it seems like A&R’s are falling for a big butt (or breasts) and a smile and not listening to their own ears when it comes to mining for new talent.

Believe it or not, there was a time when R&B singers would actually have to blow you away with their vocal ability. Now and days, a pretty face, big beats and some back up dancers equal platinum plaques.

Sure, these girls have talent, but for most of them, a cameo on SNL is the only live vocal performance they’ll get accolades for.

Here are 10 R&B singers who should thank great advances in studio sound equipment for the success of their careers.

Click the Page #s to see who has watered down vocals!!!

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