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Jay-Z and Beyonce have been shooting down pregnancy rumors like WW2 fighter pilots, but that hasn’t stopped the media from speculating.

In a recent interview with People magazine, Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles fielded questions about whether B and Jay would be having a seed sooner or later.

Either way, she says she’s ready to be a grandmother again and tells People,

“Of course I am [ready for them to have a baby]! What grandmother isn’t?”

Mrs. Knowles says she hasn’t decoded a specific date as to when the couple plans to conceive, but reports that when they do bring a child into the world, both will make great parents.

“They’re good people and they’re really positive and they’re talented and they’ve had a lot of practice with my grandson – their nephew,” she says. “So I know they’re going to make great parents.”

She continued on to say that Beyonce is, “very caring, patient, and loving, so I know she’ll be a great mom.”

She did however mention one thing the platinum diva would have to work on saying,

“Cooking is the one thing she hasn’t gotten into,” Mama Knowles reports. “She hasn’t mastered [it], but I’m sure she’ll be a good cook once she makes up her mind.”


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