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Oprah Winfrey Awarded At Kennedy Center Honors

Tuesday night the entertainment’s most elite were honored during the annual Kennedy Center Honors. One of the few to receive the prestigious  accolade was  Oprah Winfrey.

Many of the media guru’s close friends were in attendance such as John Travolta and Barbara Walters, who took the stage to honor her. At this time, the two joked on how they were used over the years, and called upon comedian Chris Rock to speak.

Rock boldly began with a few jokes on the first couple, saying how it was to be staring at “the most powerful person in the world, and then next to her, Barack Obama.” Rock then preceded with some wise cracks about Oprah Winfrey herself, pulling out jokes themed “Oprah’s So Rich.”

Rock also arose laughter surrounding her role in the presidential campaigning for Obama joking, “He didn’t get her a job, she got him a job.”

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