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Romeo Miller is taking off where his father Master P left off with the No Limit Records the label that sold over 75 million records in the 90’s.

Romeo has teamed up with his brother Valentino (Vice President of No Limit Forever), his uncle Silkk The Shocker (COO -Chief Operating Officer”) and cousin Black Don (Senior VP of A&R).

The newly reformed No Limit will focus on digital content to release music to the masses rather than Master P’s origins of selling tapes and CDs from the trunk of his car.

Speaking on the relaunch of the record label, Romeo released a statement saying,

“I can relate to the new era of this music business. I have a lot of on-hands experience working with one of the greatest music company execs ever, my father Percy Miller. He taught me the marketing of this business and I took the time out to complete my education at USC where I studied technology and business.

I feel that I have the best of both worlds. I’m a hard worker with a billion dollars worth of knowledge and many resources. My goal is to build a digital hub where artists can become entrepreneurs and make instant revenue off of their music. My resources and I have created a technology to stop online piracy.”


No Limit Forever is said to be the world’s largest digital record label specializing in brand building and digital media.

The label roster consists of Romeo, Valentino, Silkk The Shocker, Black Don, Suni Blac, Bengie, Gangsta, T-Bo, Eastwood, G5-J, and Lil D.

The label is also said to be working on the No Limit Forever reality TV show, comic books, cartoon animation, t-shirt company, and family business mixtape.

No Limit also plans to hold talent shows and talent searches “to bring independent artists’ dreams to reality” and embark on an International tour.

We’ve literally watched Romeo grow up before our eyes.

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