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Up and coming rapper Lil Peep died of a drug overdose. Reportedly, the 21-year-old had high levels of Xanax and the powerful drug Fentanyl in his system when he passed. 

Reports TMZ:

“The Pima County Medical Examiner conducted the testing and found the cause of death came from the “combined toxic effects of fentanyl and alprazolam.” Alprazolam is generic form of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax.

There were a ton of other drugs in his system though. According to the report, obtained by TMZ, he tested positive for marijuana, cocaine and the painkiller Tramadol in his blood. His urine tested positive for all those drugs, plus other powerful opiates such as Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Oxycodone and Oxymorphone. He had no alcohol in his system.

The M.E. says the death was accidental. It’s known that combining Fentanyl and Xanax can cause respiratory distress, coma and possibly death.”

Lil Peep was found dead in his tour bus in Tuscon, AZ in November. Reportedly, he laid down for a nap before a show, and just never woke up.

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