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If you woke up today, excited because you were gonna finally place your pre-order for an AtariBox we have some bad news for you. Atari has announced today via email that pre-orders for the new system will be delayed. 


In the disappointing email, Atari claims that is taking longer than expected “to create the platform and ecosystem the Atari community deserves.” We are honestly shocked there is still an Atari community but yeah this is still disappointing news nonetheless.

The silver lining out of this unfortunate news is the fact Atari cares enough to delay the system’s launch to make sure they are delivering a great system. No one wants a buggy system, so they are hard at work making sure they correct all the issues the system is facing at the moment. No exact date has been released, but they promise they will be revealing an updated launch plan in the next few weeks. The AtariBox team also promises to keep customers in the loop about the system’s progress.

Can’t be mad at that.

So keep your $250-$300 (systems rumored price range) on hand because hey never know when that email will come in saying the system is now ready for pre-order. In the meantime can we interest you in an Atari Speakerhat your troubles this morning or nah?

Photo: Atari