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The Nintendo Switch has brought the iconic video game company back into the conversation among Sony and Microsoft when it comes to next-generation systems. Nintendo has posted strong sales numbers and has sold over 10 million consoles in 9 months, but news of them reportedly delaying 64GB cartridges might throw a wrench in that success according to a Wall Street Journal report.

The Nintendo Switch opted to ditch larger 50GB Blu-ray discs that their competitors Microsoft and Sony live by and went the 32GB cartridge route. What that means for Switch owners is reduced load times and they also don’t have to suffer from installing loads of data.That does come with a setback though, game developers, especially the ones located in the US need much more capacity for their data heavy games. Also, another bummer is that Switch owners have to buy memory cards to add more memory for games like Doom for example which requires a substantial download even if you purchase a physical copy over a digital one.

So how will that possibly affect Switch owners negatively you ask?

Well, this could mean that game developer will possibly hit pause on releasing titles on the Switch and opt to delay the release until Nintendo releases larger cartridges. So basically gamers who only own a Nintendo Switch will suffer immensely because they will miss out game releases due to cartridge limitation. BUT if you own all the systems, you should be fine but your Switch will collect some dust. Developers delaying games would not be the only issue, accord to a PC Mag report, this also could possibly mean that physical cartridges will also require large downloads just to play them or this could also mean you will see a lot more digital download only games hitting the Switch.

Nintendo is banking on the fact their loyal gamers will be patient with them and stay the course. But will this news push them into the arms of Sony and Microsoft giving attention to their consoles? We shall see.

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