Avery Bradley, a former Boston Celtics standout and now with the Detroit Pistons, reportedly paid thousands to a woman who accused him of sexual assault earlier this year to keep things quiet. Bradley’s legal team is denying any wrongdoing despite admitting that their side did indeed enter payment negotiations to hush the accusations.

TMZ Sports reports:

Detroit Pistons player Avery Bradley entered into a confidentiality agreement with a reality star who accused him of sexual assault earlier this year — and at one point, negotiations got as high as $400k, TMZ Sports has learned.

But Bradley’s attorney tells TMZ Sports he adamantly denies all wrongdoing — and only entered into the agreement to prevent false information from being made public.

Here’s what we know … the allegation stems from an incident on May 23 in Cleveland, Ohio. The woman involved claimed Bradley sexually assaulted her while she was passed out drunk.

Bradley was a member of the Boston Celtics at the time of the incident. The Celtics were in Cleveland to play the Cavs in the Eastern Conference Finals.

After the incident, the woman contacted Bradley and accused him of assaulting her. The two sides came together to work out a deal to keep her quiet and prevent her from releasing any video, photos or audio.

The outlet didn’t get a firm number but said talks of payouts reached as high as $400,000. Bradley’s legal team is seeking action to discover how the information got out to the public.

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