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Adam Driver, who plays the brooding Kylo Ren in the latest Stars Wars film that’s killing it at the box office, has sparked a new fashion trend unknowingly. Fans on social media have kicked off the #KyloRenChallenge over the weekend, rocking their best Black high-waisted and shirtless pics in a hilarious meme sweep.

Without spoiling Stars Wars: The Last Jedi for those who haven’t seen it,  Kylo Ren and Rey mentally connect to use the force with Ren shirtless and in the aforementioned pants as they discuss their issues with balancing The Force. It is one of many pivotal scenes in the movie and helps bring viewers into the wide range of Jedi powers while also setting up its climatic end.

We’ve collected some of our favorite #KyloRenChallenge memes below and on the following pages. Let us know if we missed any of your faves.


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