Despite the dozens of rock and metal bands mentioned in the meme replete with artists across the aforementioned genres, the house centered on Rap acts sticks out like a sore thumb.

The very serious situation in Afghanistan is continuing to unfold and with the Taliban moving into control, all eyes are on the region. The Islamist group and military organization held a press conference since coming into power this week and images of such have gotten the meme treatment with fans saying the gathering looked like […]

As the world continues to wait on pins and needles over the 2020 election humor is in high demand right now. One reality television star got some comedic relief from a misfired tweet.

Much like the OnlyFans flip that happened earlier this year, fans on Twitter are getting off some hilarious remixes of the North Carolina rapper and producer's name.

Donald Trump’s very petty Twitter account might be taxed soon. It seems he has infringed on one of the greatest nightclub anthems ever.

Twitter is undefeated when it comes to the memes and jokes, and the latest hot trend has unveiled more of that comedic brilliance. We’ve found the best “I’m Gonna Tell My Kids” memes that have cropped up over the last couple of days.

Y’all gonna learn. A black hotel worker posted his interaction with a white woman who apparently had the gall to call him a “f*ckin n*gger.”

Cancel culture is a real thing. So real even funnyman Chris Rock had to take down a post that wasn’t so flattering to music royalty.

Brandon “Young Busco” Moore became an Internet legend after his infamous “What Are Those?” catchphrase went viral and became social media meme fodder. According to his family, Young Busco has died and fans on Twitter are celebrating the funnyman’s life.

One of the most endearing traits of new mom Cardi B is that she’s one of the more accessible celebrities on social media and loves to engage with her fanbase. That same fanbase took a photo of a young Cardi and turned it into a hilarious meme so the Invasion of Privacy rapper got in on […]

What would social media be without one of the biggest sports stories this year getting the meme treatment? As expected, clever fans and detractors alike have drawn up a number of hilarious memes to commemorate the LeBron James era of Los Angeles Lakers basketball.