Logan Paul, a popular YouTube vlogger with nearly 4 million followers on Twitter and over 16 million on Instagram, filmed the body of an apparent suicide victim in Japan’s infamous Aokigahara forest. Although Paul has since apologized for posting the now-deleted clip, fans across social media are blasting the 22-year-old for the silly stunt.

The video in question was posted to Paul’s YouTube page, where he has over 15 million subscribers who tune in to watch whatever it is he does. In the clip, Paul was heard joking with friends and keeping the camera rolling as they strolled through Aokigahara. The forest has become known to outsiders as the so-called “suicide forest” and was the subject of a critically-panned 2016 horror film titled The Forest.

Paul’s apology, while earnest enough, still rang smug as the vlogger claims he didn’t post the video for views, but quick to remind viewers he gets plenty just fine. Paul also goes on to claim he was hoping to make a “positive ripple” in showing the clip. Kind of hard to do that when Paul is heard laughing at his friend who said he felt ill after discovering the body.

The Internet has been relentless in letting Paul know that the video was beyond tasteless and goes further to prove that these YouTube celebrities and their inflated self-importance needs to be dialed down.

Whatever Paul’s intentions were, it’s silly to think that now he’s getting called out for being a bit of an ass for filming the moment that his apology will wash over with his fanbase. Sadly enough, this just keeps eyeballs on this goofball but hopefully, he’ll come to use his platform for good following this debacle.

We’ve collected a number of responses to Logan Paul’s video and apology below and on the following pages.


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