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Ginuwine found himself a hot topic on Twitter after a moment between him and Big Brother UK co-star India Willoughby got awkward real quick. On a recent episode of the unscripted series, Willoughby, who identifies as a transwoman, goes in for a kiss that Ginuwine walked away from and Twitter has been on fire all evening after the R&B crooner was slapped with the transphobic tag.

Ginuwine was asked by Willoughby would he date a transwoman during the show segment, to which he said no and then Willoughby making the rejected advance. From what we saw, the artist born Elgin Lumpkin wasn’t disrespectful in stating his opinion but apparently, some within the trans community thought otherwise.

The debate is an intense one indeed. One camp is suggesting that the “Pony” singer exhibited transphobia, while others are standing up for the DMV native by stating he should be allowed to date and see who he wants.

We have no real opinion on the matter and we’re just reporting the carnage that occurred online. However, we do want to know how in the hell Ginuwine ended up on Big Brother UK of all shows?

Peep the chatter below and on the following pages. We apologize in advance as some of the comments that follow might be deemed insensitive.

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