We reported that Samsung had their eyes set on a March release for their next phone in their Galaxy flagship series. Looks like Galaxy fans won’t have to wait much longer, the tech giant announced that the S9 and S9 Plus will officially launch in February.

Samsung’s mobile chief operator, DJ Koh made the announcement during a press conference at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The two highly anticipated phones will launch and be available for purchase at the annual Mobile World Congress trade show held in Barcelona Spain.

Uh oh, watch out Apple.

Galaxy owners were hoping to get a sneak peek at the S9 at CES but their hopes were quickly squashed. BUT on the bright side, they won’t have to wait till spring at Samsung’s event where they typically show off and launch their flagship devices. As to what we can expect from Samsung’s next flagship phone?  We can expect an upgraded camera and systems, face detection and possibly a fingerprint scanner on the rear of the phone.

No word on whether if their smartphone is still a grenade but we have yet to hear any horror stories about their latest Galaxy Note phone.

Apple’s 2017 ended kind of rough and their 2018 isn’t off to a great start either so Samsung can definitely make a huge statement in the new year with S9 and S9 Plus. We are looking forward to seeing what this new innovation to the smartphone game will bring.

Photo by David Ramos/Getty Image

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