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The Hip-Hop world was beset with whispers that a beef was on the horizon between Eminem and Joe Budden, this after Bizarre and 50 Cent seemingly suggested the bars from Em’s “Chloraseptic” remix were for the New Jersey rapper. During his podcast, Budden addressed the alleged beef and seemed to brush aside any tensions between him and the Shady Records boss.

“I don’t think that Em was talking to me, number one, but boy did he kill that verse,” Budden explained. “50 Cent has zero to do with this beef, he is promoting a movie, a movie that doesn’t look that bad, this Den of Thieves thing.”

He continued with, “And I don’t know what Bizarre has to do with any of this. That’s the part that’s confusing. So I want to apologize to Bizarre because I’m not starting my 2018 beefing with Bizarre.  I’m not doing it.”

Budden pretty much lays into Bizarre after apologizing, saying that his estranged connection with Eminem is a false alliance and sticking up for a person who didn’t ask for it. It’s a pretty explosive moment for Budden, as his co-hosts Rory and Mal egg the host on.

Watch Joe Budden address the so-called beef with Eminem in the clip below. Start at the 5:55-mark.