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Technics, the turntable brand cranking out the influential instrument since the 1970s, revived the line back in 2016 to a costly tune of $4,000. The company is back once again with the official reveal of a pair of models that have an even heftier price tag of $10,000 and up.

During this year’s Consumer Electronics Show event, Panasonic rolled out its upcoming products for the year, including the impending turntable models. Aimed a still strong market of audiophiles who came up coveting the instrument, the premium product will not be for the up and coming turntable wizards.

What Hi-Fi? writes:

The SP-10R is expected to launch in spring for an eye-watering $10,000.

The Technics SL-1000R, meanwhile, adds the base and tonearm for the complete turntable system, doubling the damage when it comes to price.

It features an S-shaped tonearm, with a magnesium tonearm tube chosen for its low mass and damping qualities. For rigidity, the base comprises a dual-layer construction of BMC (bulk moulding compound) beneath a 30mm-thick aluminium top panel, while the turntable part on top of that is made of an additional three layers of BMC, aluminium die-cast and a 25mm-thick aluminium panel.

The turntables work in the same manner as older models, although the look and design of the devices is certainly a futuristic update on the sturdy originals.

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