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Tiffany Haddish and her epic 2017 come up was the result of a number of hardships from her childhood and into adulthood as she struggled to make a way as a standup comic. The breakout Girls Trip star shared more of her story in a recent interview including receiving help from Kevin Hart while homeless and living in her car.

Haddish, 38, sat down with Vanity Fair for a candid chat about her career arc and what she had to endure on her way to the top. Amazingly enough, Haddish’s turn in Girls Trip is what has effectively put her into the mainstream, but she’s not resting on the laurels of accolades. Part of this might be due to the fact that at one time, Haddish was living in her car and talked about a time when Hart loaned her $300 bucks so she could get on her feet.

From Vanity Fair:

Is it true that Kevin Hart gave you money at one point because you were living in your car?

Yeah, that is true. He saw all the stuff in my car. He had like this long discussion with me, you know? Basically like, “You’re a beautiful woman. You could stay with any man. Why don’t you just stay with a man, like?” And I was also like, “I’m not sleeping with nobody for a roof over my head. I’m just not that type of person.”

And Kevin was like, “Oh, that’s real commendable, look at your homeless ass.” And he gave me $300 and told me I shouldn’t be sleeping in my car. He was asking me where I was sleeping. I told him, “Beverly Hills. If Imma be homeless, I’m gonna be homeless in the best area.” I would park my car in Beverly Hills and I would sleep over there, and the police would come every morning and make me move. That was like my wake-up call. I got to know a lot of police officers like that.

Kevin gave me $300, told me to get a room for a week, and I was like, “I don’t know where you can get a room for a week in Los Angeles for $300, that’s impossible.” But I got me a motel room, and he told me to write out a list of goals and start doing something every day toward those goals.

Haddish adds that she wrote out her goals and things began falling into place for her immediately, including landing a new place, although it wasn’t the most desirable location. She and Hart continued to work the comedy circuit together and he’s continued to be a support system for Haddish.

With things coming around, the pair is set to star in an upcoming film Night School, which Haddish seems to suggest was part of her repayment plan to Hart for the $300 she’s tried to pay back since.

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