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Black Panther

Source: Black Panther / Marvel

Marvel Studios certified blockbuster, Black Panther hasn’t hit theaters yet but it’s already reaching milestones. Touting the honor of being the first big-budget superhero film with a black lead and a primarily black cast the film has already broken pre-sale ticket records. The film can also add an incredible 100% Rotten Tomatoes to its list of growing accomplishments thanks to in large part to the ever-flowing list of positive reviews coming in since the embargo lifted.

Haters (lame DCEU fans)  have already tried to hatch a hairbrained scheme to affect the films amazing rating by deliberately giving the film poor reviews. Looks like that idea isn’t really working because the film is still at 100% with a 97% fan interest. The film is also has a very impressive 87 Metascore on Metacritic with all positive reviews being reported in.

Take that lames.

Since the films big premiere the internet has been filled with nothing with high praise and excitement from those who were fortunate to see the film before it’s February 16th release and those still waiting. Now we get to hear from actual critics and what they are saying about  T’Challa’s first standalone film isn’t too far off from what fans were saying about the movie.

“Rarely has a superhero origin story been as satisfying as Black Panther, which in many ways doesn’t feel like a typical Marvel movie – and more power to that.” Peter Howell, Toronto Star

“Ryan Coogler’s spectacular first foray into the Marvel universe is an absolute game-changer.” Ira Madison III , The Daily Beast

“Black Panther doesn’t just hit its marks. It leaves marks. Landmarks. So get in the queue now, people.” Leigh Paatsch,  Herald Sun (Australia)

“Black Panther is set largely in Wakanda, with a detour to South Korea. Still, there’s no shaking the feeling that this is what America looks like when it’s allowed to be its truest, freest self. That’s a superhero challenge if ever there was one.” Stephanie Zacharek, Time Magazine

“While ultimately an action-adventure, Black Panther also serves as an intelligent if broad debate between revolutionary rhetoric and the responsibilities of leadership.” Frank Lovece, Newsday

“Black Panther” matters.” Stephen Witty, The Daily News

Representation matters and this film is clearly important to the culture as it was expressed in a very proudly with the trending hashtag # WhatBlackPantherMeansToMe. We are just counting down the days when we will walk out the theaters ourselves screaming WAKANDA FOREVER after viewing the greatness that is Black Panther.

Photo: Marvel