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Freekey Zekey has a whole lot of explaining to do. The Dipset “rapper” is accused of strong-arm robbery after a dispute over payment for his appearance at a Domestic Abuse Charity Gala. 

Yes, you read that correctly.

Reports Bossip:

Tamara Charles, the founder and head of Sisters In Charge Inc., said she made a deal with Freeky Zekey to co-host her nonprofit’s annual black tie masquerade gala Oct. 14 in Melrose, Mass. from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. He was the featured artist on a line up that also included “Love & Hip Hop: New York’s” Juju, as well as “Power” actor Tomike Ogugua.

Charles said she sent Freeky Zekey half his booking fee – $1,600 – and she said they agreed he’d get the remainder at the end of the night.

But Charles said Zekey – whose real name is Ezekiel Giles – didn’t honor his end of the bargain, and showed up seemingly intoxicated and dressed down as the event wound down. She said he took the mic for 10 minutes, hyped the crowd for two songs and spent the rest of the time chatting with Juju. One witness told BOSSIP that Zekey told the audience that money was hard to come by these days, and he had a mortgage to pay.

Charles rationalized that Zeekey didn’t hold up his end of the bargain, so she figured she’d give him $500 instead of the $1600.

And that’s when ish went left.

“He grabbed my arm, and he said ‘We need to talk business,’” Charles told BOSSIP. Charles said she went outside with Zekey so as not to make a scene at the event. She told him that it wasn’t fair for him to get the entire booking fee because he didn’t show up until the gala was nearly over.

Charles said her mother, who was a guest at the event, came outside to see what was wrong, and that’s when Charles said Zekey turned his attention to the senior citizen.

“He tells my mother, ‘I’m not leaving your side. I’m going home with your mother,’ Charles said. “My mother is 60-something years old – what did she have to do with this?”

Charles said she got in between her mom and Zekey – and told him to take her life if he had to, just leave her mother out of it. She said Zekey eased up, and her terrified mom said she’d give him some money if he’d leave them alone.

Charles said Zekey and his entourage then followed her mother to her house to get her debit card, and then to a nearby ATM. She said she believes Zekey netted more than $1,000 that night from her family, on top of the $1,600 he already was paid. Zekey then snatched Charles’ phone, she said, and she had to travel to New York City weeks later to get it back from a mutual friend. She said Zekey had erased everything on it.


It only gets worse. Peep the rest over at Bossip.

Zeekey may want to settle this one out of court, quickly. Also, Freekey Zekey for a domestic violence gala, though?

Freekey Zekey

Source: Sisters In Charge / Sisters In Charge


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