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Kendrick Lamar is about to embark on the European stint of his latest tour and he wants to make sure that fans are enjoying every moment of it. According to a report from the Guardian to ensure fans are in fact getting the full experience, Lamar will be banning all cameras during his shows and that means no Snaps, Instagram videos, Twitter videos or even professional shots.


This wouldn’t be the first time a major artist has imposed such a ban. Beysus aka Beyoncé implemented a ban on professional cameras after a Getty photographer Ezra Shaw captured and published some very unflattering performance photos. Her publicist went on a mission to ensure the photos were pulled off sites but it only resulted in them being shared more (the Streisand Effect). Lamar is reportedly taking it a step further by banning smartphones as well tactic comedians such as Dave Chappelle, and Kevin Hart use during their comedy shows.

Why they would go to such great lengths you ask? The move, they hope will ensure that fans are getting their money’s worth and enjoy the show instead of trying to record every moment of it. Another thing this ban helps fight is the recording of missteps and issues that may occur during the show. They also hope this will help drive ticket sales because it will help build a mystique around the artist.

It is also being reported that the Guardian’s report is false. Reps for Kendrick Lamar responded to Billboard after they reached out and said that reports of a cell phone ban “isn’t true”.

Whether the reports are true or not, we wouldn’t be shocked if like Beyoncè, Lamar will probably have a photographer on hand to catch images of tour highlights he deems worthy of sharing. Kendrick Lamar won’t be the last big name artist to adopt this practice and we totally expect this to be more common in the future.

So how do you feel about artists banning cell phone use during their shows? Let us know how you really feel in the comment section below.

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