Veronica Vega after her bike trek from Atlanta to Miami has a new lease on life. She realizes that she can come off as a b**ch and she wants to fix that.

Victoria reveals to Steph Lecor that she wants to bury the hatchet with Amara La Negra once and for all. They meet up at an unnamed networking event and things go south quickly once Young Hollywood arrives on the scene. Veronica isn’t feeling the fact Amara and Hollywood are getting along and working with each other.Amara isn’t here for it and smells Veronica’s phoniness instantly calls her out. Veronica, in turn, points out that Amara’s beloved afro is fake and that she is a phony as well. Hollywood exposes himself as well by talking shit about Amara again right in front of her face. Amara decides she has had enough and leaves. It’s not hard to figure out who Twitter sided with in this and it’s not Veronica.

Veronica, you need more people cause nobody and we do mean nobody is on your side on this one.

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