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Frank Ocean is an artist, and he takes it personally if someone questions his songwriting skills. Thus, the Odd Future crooner is suing a songwriter he says is trying to get credit for he didn’t actually help write. 

The songwriter getting sued is Om’Mas Keith, whose name you might recognize from Sa-Ra Creative Partners.

According to Variety:

Frank Ocean has accused his former producer, Om’Mas Keith, of wrongfully claiming authorship of songs on Ocean’s 2016 album “Blonde.”

In a copyright lawsuit filed on Tuesday, Ocean alleges that Keith submitted false registrations to ASCAP claiming to have co-written 11 songs on the album.

Keith served as a producer on Ocean’s first studio album, “Channel Orange.” Ocean’s attorneys contend that Keith orally agreed to the same deal for the second album, “Blonde,” whereby Keith would get a flat fee for producing, but would not receive co-writer credit. However, Ocean’s attorneys contend that Keith refused to sign a contract with those terms.

Ocean maintains that Keith had no hand in writing any of the songs on the album, but has repeatedly refused to sign agreements acknowledging that. According to Ocean, Keith has even refused to disclaim authorship of songs written by the Isley Brothers and Buddy Ross.

Reportedly, Ocean wants a declaration that Keith did not actually write any of the songs on Blonde. Ocean also was an injunction that prevents Keith from registering or licensing the songs.

Basically, Ocean isn’t trying to see Keith profit for work he didn’t actually do.

We always gotta hear both sides, but the music game is cold regardless.