Bobby is prepping the release of his new single “Way Up” cause, yeah you know everyone is a musician on this reality show. Himself and his homie Miami Tip stop by Trick Daddy and Super Cindy’s podcast to spill the details on the song and play it for the Mayor of Miami and his co-host. Trick, for the most part, gave his support for the single praising it and even showed he is progressive supporting the young man who happens to be a gay rapper. Trick even alluded to the fact there are other gay rappers in the industry that are afraid to come out. Guess they will save that for next season. Trick leaves after his kind words for Bobby and this is where Super Cindy comes in.and gets things very heated when she asks Bobby about his famous cousin Trina. Bobby goes off on his cousin for her lack of support but Miami Tip wants nothing to do it because Trina is a friend so she shuts that down. Twitter took notice of Trick’s progressiveness as well as his confessional attire.

Some, of course, felt Trick wasn’t being quite truthful with the up and coming rapper.

Well, we believe Trick was being sincere for now. Miami Tip didn’t let Bobby get off easy for his Trina rant either and she reeled him in quickly. It’s here Bobby out here taking handouts from Tip who is working the stripper poles just to help fund Bobby’s “music career”.


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