It’s time for another single release party, this time for Bobby and his new single “Way Up”. He entertains the crowd by performing the uptempo record and unbeknownst to him his cousin Trina is in the building to see him. Trina and Joy decided to support their relative during a strip class. Super Cindy is also there and she spills the beans about what Bobby said about Trina while on her and Tricks podcast and Trina was not too happy to hear about that. Bobby comes over after his performance and to his surprise, he sees the cousin whom he said earlier doesn’t support him is there.

She and Bobby break away from the group to have a one on one conversation about the podcast and things get heated quickly between the cousins. Trina tells Bobby to keep her name out of his mouth before storming out of the building. Bobby is upset and heads back to the group to ask why Super Cindy had to be messy and tell Trina what he said? Bruh she works on a podcast and her name is Super Cindy what did you think was going to happen?  The anger quickly subsides when his ex Jeffrey walks into the building to show support. Jeffrey will come to regret paying Bobby a visit later.

Twitter seems to be on Bobby’s side here, hopefully, the two cousins can get back on the same page. Nobody wins when the family feuds.


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