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Let’s face it, there has been an astounding number of tomato can quarterbacks getting signed as free agents this past season while a still-useful Colin Kaepernick rots on the shelf. Former quarterback Jake Plummer suggested in an interview that NFL owners are simply “scared” to sign the free agent player while also saying he’s probably avoiding a bigoted culture.

From the Denver Post:

“I think that they’re all scared, and that they’re uneducated on him as a person and what he wants to do,” Plummer said. “I don’t know if he wants to play for organizations run by scared, kind of bigoted people that don’t understand what it’s like to be in the shoes of someone like him and to see the things he’s seen and to relate to the people that go through the atrocities of what everyday people deal with. I don’t know.”

Plummer, a former Denver Broncos player, mentioned Kaepernick as the discussion with the outlet centered around the team securing a new quarterback.

If anything is abundantly clear is that there were several quarterbacks of an inferior skill level that Kaepernick that got looks, including some who have been away from the game for years. It’s difficult to keep making it about “football decisions” when someone who was hauling bags at a supermarket gets to walk on to a team before a guy who still keeps himself in shape and ready.

Kap seems to be doing great things away from the game so maybe it’s time for all of us to move on.

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