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Atari VCS

Source: Atari / Atari

Atari’s retro console is currently in limbo after it suffered a setback due to some development issues. With a lack of announcements to keep backers briefed Atari has finally given an update on their new console. Well sort of. The console is no longer called the Ataribox it is now known as the Atari VCS.

Still no release date though.

The rebrand of the system is an homage to the original Atari 2600’s full name and they also plan to show prototypes of the system at the Game Developers Conference.They have also revealed that new system will come with a new controller as well as the classic joystick that is synonymous with the older systems. No word on if they are going to show the system actually playing games though.

Atari has noted that they do plan to eventually announce an actual pre-order date for the system sometime in April. No game line-up has been announced for the Atari VCS but it promises to not only play retro games. If they want to get folks interested again for VCS they better start throwing launch titles or something.

Nostalgia alone won’t be enough for Atari when it is finally released if they hope to make a big bang with the Atari VCS and return to console prominence. Are you guys still excited about the Atari VCS or could you care less at this point?

Photo: Atari