Estelita is still hurt from being “ambushed” by Stevie J and Erica Mena in the studio last week. Who does she turn to so she can vent? Stevie’s ex Mimi of course. She spills all of the tea about the encounter and her current situation with Stevie. She even admits  “sitting on” Stevie’s beefcake we already knew that even though she vehemently denied that happened. She claims she only lied about it because it was none of Erica’s business and she wasn’t feeling how Stevie just willingly shared that information.

Estelita broke down her troubled past and what she had to go through to make it and Mimi just soaked it all in knowing she’s heard this story before. She immediately pointed out that she knew Estelita was Stevie’s type hell we all did. Twitter spotted this jig a long time ago and let Estelita have it.

We miss Joseline even more, I hope Mona has some big surprise for us later on in the season cause Estelita is not cutting it.


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