Erica Mena’s introduction to the world of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta got off to a bit of a rocky start. People are still trying to warm up to sassy Puerto Rican in the A but it’s really not working at the moment.

Make no mistake she is still spicy as ever and she is bringing that same energy from her previous stints and even took a shot at her ex Bow Wow.

That was a good one, we can’t front on that. Well anyway, Mena made it perfectly clear she is back on the market and the real reason why she is there is for the even spicier Tommie. At a very well-orchestrated party welcoming Mene to Atlanta at her request had Melissa invite Tommie to the party. Mena wasted no time and shot her shot quicker than Steph Curry when he sees an ounce of daylight. We know that both and Tommie and Erica both dabbled with both sexes but Tommie made it perfectly clear that she is only here for men (for now). Mena came on so strong in fact that Tommie high-tailed it out of the club. Someone scared Tommie? That is pretty surprising. Twitter was happy Tommie dodged that Mena bullet and wasn’t really feeling Mena’s game at all.

The two eventually link up again and agree to be just friends and keep it strictly on the music tip. Yeah, we shall see about that.


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