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Atlanta: Robbin' Season FX Twitter Reactions

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Robbin’ Season has been a roller coaster ride. We never know where Donald Glover is going take us in these episodes and these last three weeks have been a great example of that. We went to a dark place with Darius and Teddy Perkins, Van hilariously trying to acquire a selfie with Drake and last night Paper Boi’s uneasiness with his newfound fame. 

In the episode titled “Woods” we once again follow Al but this time it’s not his time that won’t be hilariously wasted like his last adventure with his barber Bibby.

The episode opens up with Al knocked out on his couch, his slumber is interrupted by an apparition of his mother tidying up. She tells Paper Boi to wake up before she disappears says “You know good and well that I did not raise a son this lazy,”. Al is brought back to reality by his phone ringing, it’s his manager Earn checking on him, Al quickly ignores and we officially get into Paper Boi’s interesting adventure.

Al claimed he didn’t have anything on his agenda for the day but a conversation with his homie Darius reveals that Paper Boi has a date. Darius is in the middle of cooking pasta he claims he learned how to make in his dreams, he is shocked to learn to that his boy is going on a date and says he thought “allergic to girlfriends.” There still seems to be some sort of friction between the two friends but Al shrugs it off and heads on his date. Darius, on the other hand, is serious about this pasta, he’s so serious about he puts his foot in it…literally.

Gotta love Darius.

Now onto Paper Boi’s date with Ciara. Keeping with the times, she is a former stripper turned IG model who claims to be Instagram famous. You can’t really tell that from her truck though, the damn windows were filthy.

Well anyway, the two spend the day together and the first stop on their date is shoe shopping. It’s here where Ciara’s chastising of Paper Boi’s take on fame begins and how he handles it. Ciara is not here for Paper Boi keeping it real and she’s definitely not feeling the job Earn is doing as his manager and constantly takes shots at him.

From shoe shopping, they end up at the nail salon for some pampering and this is where she makes her pitch to Paper Boi. Ciara spits game on branding and dropped a gem that everyone loved when said “I’m Instagram famous, boo,” she says. “I can’t be selling my wigs and out here looking janky. I’ve gotta compete with white girls with lip fillers and butt injections, selling lip gloss and spray tans. Everybody wanna be a black girl, but the black girls ain’t making no money from it.”

No lies detected in Ciara’s statement there. She crossed a line with Al when she tried to put him on the gram by taking a picture and suggested they should “date” aka “co-brand”.

Paper Boi warned he wasn’t here for the fake sh*t and ended the date and storms out. Ciara reminded him that she drove but he’s so over it he lets her know he’s willing to walk home.

Now, this is where the episode takes a dark turn. While on his journey back home, we are once again presented that feeling where it feels like we might lose a character. Paper Boi encounters three black teens on his walk home and they immediately recognize him. When they realize that he has no car and is alone, one of the teens pulls out a gun and they assault Al.

They steal his chain and watch but Paper Boi is able to headbutt one of the robbers knocking him down. It’s a very intense moment.

The gun-wielding robber gets back up and starts counting and something weird happens when a test screen just pops up during the intense scene.

A beaten Paper Boi escapes into the woods and it’s here he is in for another fight, this time with himself.

During his very spooky journey, he encounters an old man. But was this Paper Boi’s mind playing tricks on him? Twitter had interesting theories when it came to Al’s hobo follower who at one point holds him at knifepoint.

He eventually makes it out the woods and end up a gas station and goes inside the store to decompress.

It’s here Paper Boi finally comes to terms with his fame when a fan spots and says the famous “hey you’re Paper Boi” line. Al invites the white teen over and poses in a photo with him willingly even though he’s in bad shape. It’s at this exact moment he finally realizes he’s no longer Al, he is Paper Boi.

This was definitely one of the shows most deep episodes yet, salute Brian Tyree Henry for acting his ass off. Twitter had a lot to unpack about last night’s episode, hit the flip to see all of the takes that immediately followed and during the episode.

Photo: FX

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