We learned that Scrapp was coming home thanks to Tiarra so it’s only right his momma and her dog finally show up this season. Karen King makes her debut this season and she links up with the Queen of LHHATL Momma Dee who is going through her own marital issues. Momma Dee is at Dr.Curves for a Grand Momma makeover as she feels it is time to upgrade her body.

Like all moms when they get together, they start talking about their kids. Momma Dee reveals Scrappy is now married to Bambi and Karen is excited her son is getting out of prison. Momma Dee also discloses she is having some issues with her husband Ernest, Karen suggests that Momma Dee should get her a young boo like she did. Twitter has some thoughts on that interesting bit of information.

We learned later on in the episode that Scrapp is not getting out when he initially thought.


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