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Kanye West is either pulling an epic troll caper, or he’s a man going through a lot of changes. With the big unveil of two new tracks, “Ye. Vs. The People” featuring T.I. and “Lift Yourself,” it’s hard to tell if Yeezy is doing this to spite fans or doubling down on his love of all things President Donald Trump.

The first to make it to the airwaves was “Lift Yourself” and the lead-up appeared to be a normal vocal sample chop ala West’s days of old and the beat itself was fire. Ahead of the song, West tweeted, “I’m going to drop a song with a verse that will bring Ebro the closure he’s been seeking” adding that “the bars” were fire. There were no bars but there was some form of vocal display that you just have to hear to believe. One could argue Yeezy is mocking the current lyrical landscape, and another theory that’s been discussed is that he’s trying to throw people off from the true heat he has on deck.

The lyrics in “Ye Vs. The People” prove that the song is quite hot off the presses, as West and T.I. hold a rap debate over the Chicago superstar’s MAGA stumping and Tip’s countering verses that represent the voices of those who stand in opposition of Trump and the political climate of the day. The song made its official debut on Los Angeles’ Power 106.

Check out “Lift Yourself” by heading over to Kanye West’s website. Find a snippet of “Ye V.s The People” below. Then hit the flip for reactions to the new music from fans.


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