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Azealia Banks may have finally met her match with fellow Harlemite Teyana Taylor, this after the rapper tried to come for the G.O.O.D. Music artist. Banks said that Taylor stole the dance moves from Kanye West’s “Fade” video, but she was quickly corrected in an epic clap back that then dragged the choreographer in question into the beef.

It all began on Banks’ Instagram page in where she shared a behind the scenes post of her upcoming “Anna Wintour” video. A fan lovingly noted that they enjoyed the moves and implied Banks was living out her version of Taylor’s moves. Banks fired back to the fan saying, “lol you mean the choreography she stole from @bornready_matt and tried not to give him credit for until a lawyer got involved.”

Taylor took to IG and said So I was too busy enjoying my Mother’s Day yesterday! But today is a new day! Junie is taking a nap so mama got ah lil bit of time TAHDAY!!!! WASSUP!!!! @bornready_matt give ya friend some clarity with all her inaccurate information, so she can stop spewing out all of this false information.”

Matthew Pasterisa, the choreographer who worked on “Fade” and is directing the steps for “Anna Wintour” added his side of things via Instagram, admitting that the dance moves were for Beyonce’s “End Of Time” video that didn’t get used.

“To make things very Clear I am very THANKFUL FOR THE VMA OPPORTUNITY And I Thanked you @teyanataylor Numerous of Times and Showed love. I’m Truly Blessed for it BUT Honestly, I didn’t know any thing about “FADE”, I didn’t Get any calls about it and I didn’t Receive any pay …. (SHE DID GIVE ME SOME CREDIT) I was truly hurt and Felt Stolen from …. I took it with a Grain of Salt and Continued to remain Humble,” Pasterisa wrote.

Taylor responded via Instagram video with, “Why didn’t you respond directly to me Matt?? @bornready_matt First off, FADE was something that was VERY spontaneous! Anyone that knows how Kanye is, knows that spontaneous is his get down. Newsflash! I did “Dark Fantasy” 3 hrs before he had to turn in MBDTF, and guess what??? I was NEVER credited!!! That’s the difference, you were! But it was nonetheless still a good look & a Blessing for me, in which I recognized that, and didn’t feel so called “stolen from.”

When a fan pointed out that Banks didn’t speak back to Taylor, the rapper took the high road and decided to focus on Pasterisa’s work.

Could it be Azealia Banks don’t want that smoke with Teyana Taylor? Stay tuned. Check out some of the footage below. Hit the flip for more.

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