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Moe The Monster Sues DF Productions

Source: Moe The Monster / Instagram

The adult film industry has been called out on some of its less spoken seedy elements such as sexism, abuse, and general disrespect. Racism is also apparently rampant in the skin flick game after a Black male porn star filed a lawsuit this week after his white female co-star called him the n-word with the hard “R” twice while filming a scene.

New York Daily News shared details of Moe The Monster, born Maurice McKnight, and his lawsuit against DF Productions and director James Camp which he filed Thursday (May 17) in Los Angeles Superior Court. McKnight said that Camp asked him if he’d sign off on being called the n-word during the scene to which he asserts he told the director he would not. However his co-star Ryan Conner, born Deborah Hinkle, still went with using the slur twice during McKnight’s “finishing” moment.

NYDN writes:

Despite McKnight’s explicit refusal to give the green light, Hinkle addressed him with the racist slur twice during the film’s so-called “money shot,” according to the complaint.

Speaking to the News, McKnight compared the verbal assault to an ambush.

“I just felt violated and betrayed,” the 36-year-old Bronx resident said Wednesday night.

“I’ve shot over 50 scenes for this company. For a long time, I was one of their top guys. And I’m always publicly talking about racism. For them to even ask me was an insult, then to do it against my will, it hurts. It feels like it was a set-up,” he said.

McKnight’s lawsuit alleges Camp “conspired” with producer DF Productions (DFI) to “dupe” him into “performing sex acts with Hinkle, knowing that Hinkle planned to use the racist slur during the final scene,” the complaint states.

The outlet adds that McKnight allegedly received threatening texts from the owner of DF Productions and Camp, who called McKnight a “disgrace” to “your people.”

McKnight is suing for fraud, negligence, and failure to prevent racial harassment.

Photo: Instagram