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Source: Epic Games/Nick Chester / Epic Games/ Nick Chester

The Fornite wave will continue to grow if this news about the insanely popular game pans out. 

Ohhhhhh Nintendo Switch owners this is the news you all have been waiting for that is of course if you were hoping Fortnite would land on the console. Xbox One, PS4, PC and iPhone owners are already enjoying the game in record numbers, rumors suggest a Nintendo Switch version is on the horizon. 4Chan shared a leaked document displaying Nintendo’s showroom lineup featuring Fortnite, Mario Tennis Aces, Dragonball Fighter Z, and other games at this year’s E3 convention.

Sources from Kotaku added more fuel to the fire by backing up the claims plus Fortnite’s appearance on the Korean game ratings board (GRAC) seemed to be the final confirmation that a Switch version is a done deal.

Noticeably in both leaks, it only seems to mention Fortnite but not Fortnite Battle Royale the mode that has put the game on the top. We have to assume that the free-to-play game mode will make alongside the games single-player mode it wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t. The Switch is the perfect home for Fortnite’s cartoonish style plus the ability to take the game on the go with the switch trumps anything. One thing is definitely for this move will only add to millions of people playing the game around the world increasing the game’s popularity immensely.

Photo: Epic Games/Nick Chester