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Before gentrification, Bushwick was a hood that was known for having a mostly Latino and Black community that white folks wouldn’t even consider visiting unless they needed to get some weed for the weekend. But in 2018 Bushwick has become a haven for hipsters, yuppies, and apparently racist Trumpian-types.

This past weekend New York realtor Chris Giardina was caught on video going on a racist tirade after getting booted out of a popular bar and made the Black bouncer the primary target of his bigoted insults.

A visibly inebriated Giardina was captured on video calling police on the bouncer while calling him a “f*cking n*gger!” and referring to the Latino cameraman a “f*cking sp*c” a few times without any fear of consequences.

“‘You hit me in the face like a dirty, f*cking Black person. You’ll lose your job and you’ll lose your house. Trust me,” Giardina said at one point.

While the racist realtor didn’t catch any of the countless hands that he deserved, The Daily Mail is reporting that he has indeed been fired from his job at MySpace NYC for his off the hinges racism.

Speaking to the New York Post, Chris Giardina denied being a racist (of course) stating that he only used the N-word because someone else used it first and claims that the video was manipulated to make him look like the bad guy in the situation. Sure, guy.

Luckily for Giardina he went on his racist tirade on an avenue that mostly features partying hipsters because had he done that a few avenues over where the goons roam after dark he would’ve gotten his proper comeuppance.


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